The Value of a Quarter

August 2018

Why Executive Branding Solutions was launched

A quarter. It all started with a quarter. On summer trips to the Poconos, my grandfather, a banker, used to give me a roll of paper-wrapped quarters. “You decide how you’d like to spend them. Use them at the arcade or spend them at the souvenir shop.” Year after year, I went home with increasingly more quarters. Those summers taught me the power of saving, the impact of a quarter.

As a child, I was always told to have quarters in my wallet. Relatively minimal in value, my grandfather emphasized their value: 

A quarter would be enough to make an emergency call on a payphone.  It would be enough to pay the meter to run an errand.  

From being at the top of my class to earning a sash full of Girl Scout badges, I’ve always worked to make the most out of those saved quarters. Although my career has transitioned from earning my Juris Doctorate degree to marketing, branding and business development, I’ve carried through the learnings from my grandfather.

I turned 30 this year – with a promise and goal of making an impact. Working with attorneys, architects, and startup founders, I’ve observed the common thread in their stories – each are experts in their own respective right. For experts, my goal is to bring impact through branding, highlighting their stories and expertise within. 

This is why Executive Branding Solutions was born.

Our Vision

EBS breathes authenticity, transparency and purpose into brands. We work with the movers and the shakers, thought leaders, and out of the box thinkers by developing brands as experts. Through color, typography, logo, web and marketing design, EBS builds brands from the ground up. From startup founder to C-level executive, we’re all experts making an impact.  Executive Branding Solutions brings these experts to life.

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