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April 2020

As a native New Englander, I've gone through the tumultuous winters of bitter cold and stark landscapes. Approaching the Spring season with positivity and warmth, I'm always looking forward to longer days, warmer weather, and lunch alfresco. As we embark on Daylight Savings this weekend, I've turned into a kid in a candy store taking a sneak peak at the latest rebrands, newest typographies, and bold color trends in the online world. Rebrands typically occur every couple of years, depending on your industry. Others, especially in the packaging and fashion space, often rebrand to showcase new products or seasonal offerings. We can't embrace these new design trends enough. Check out our favorites - and you may want to consider a rebrand for the Spring season.


Recently awarded Site of the Day by Typewolf, Kate Spade recently launched its Spring 2019 collection highlighting bright pinks and clean typefaces. In a modern take on a classic color palette of pinks and evergreens, their website uses a Futura, Austin and Baskerville with layering images and type.

Fonts Used: Futura, Austin, and Baskerville · Typewolf Typography Inspiration
Kate Spade's 2019 Spring Collection


We all await for Pantone to announce its Color of the Year. But this year, Pantone gave us the joy of metallics for print and packaging. With 665 newly introduced metallic colors, designers, brand managers, and rebrand enthusiasts alike can now take advantage of shiny new hues for branded packaging and printed material.

Pantone Metallic Colors

Laurie Pressman, Vice-President of the Pantone Color Institute commented, "To address this growing trend, our new metallic palette for print encompasses a range of core metal shades including cool and chic silvers, lustrous golds, earthy bronzes as well as a wide variety of colored metal tones that take their cue from fashion and lifestyle including; vivid reds, bold pinks, minty greens, watery teals and warming corals."

Pantone's Metallic Chips Coated Book

Pops of Color

Sometimes you just need a strong black typeface on a white background. In this e-commerce redesign pitch for Murad, a team of designers contributed to showcase Murad's product line with style tiles, serif fonts, and bold color packaging. Product categories are color coated to match their target goal. Style tiles are slightly curved to give an airy but organized structure to the homepage. And if there's a need to draw the customer's attention, handwritten circles delicately highlight the focus in a sentence.

Murad E-Commerce Redesign Pitch

White Space

In its first beta launch in 2015, Rally Interactive was already way beyond the curve in using white space, bold colors, and interactive elements. They just brought back this website. Why? This website was already considered rule breaking when it was first launched. Relaunching in 2019, this website exemplifies the usage of how white space should be used. Mixed with colored graphics and click-through interactions, and solid use of grids, this website is making a comeback - and designers on Twitter are all abuzz about it.

Rally Interactive Throwback


Interactive doodles for La Pionera

Keeping the theme of light and airiness, UI trends points to illustrative doodles in both graphics and typefaces. Although solid typefaces continue to be front and center, mission-focused organizations are bringing in humanistic qualities in their design to express their socio-economic focus.

Take for example La Pionera. Their branding, launched by 131, a graphic design studio in Barcelona and Lledia, highlighted a gender-conscious perspective of the organization's space of opportunities for entpreneurs and economic innovation. Showcasing over 300 intiatives, La Pionera's design kept in mind a visual system that can be generated on billboards for contents and events in addition to street posters and signage within open spaces to grab the attention of others.

La Pionera designed by 131

Inspired by these Spring design trends? I am! If you're interested in revamping your brand as the snow begins to melt, get in touch!

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