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April 2020

Let me set the scene. I'm at an event and get asked a relatively innocent question, "So what do you do?" As I begin to answer the question with my pitch, I typically get the response,

"Oh you do branding, so like logo design right?" 

That person would be partially correct. As a branding consultant, I position companies in order to highlight their value, focus, and most importantly, bring an emphasis to their messaging. That's done generally in several components including unique value positioning, supporting visuals (including yes, your company's logo), and supporting communications content. My favorite definition of a brand,

Through a process that starts with meeting with founders, I help define the brand's purpose and positioning which is the foundation to a company's messaging.

Then I audit the industry to determine who the key players are, what are the standards that they've set, what's the tone and messaging within their branding, and how are they differentiating from their competitors. Then it's off to the drawing table (my trusted Adobe Suite) to start conceptualizing concepts for a logo, typography, and complimentary color palette. A company's business strategy should work in tangent with their branding. Some founders don't touch branding until they come to a point where they need to start prototyping their MVP which is a huge missed opportunity. Start early. Make sure your positioning reflects the value add, target audience, and story that you're looking to tell.

STILL MAGIC Emily Blunt stars as Mary Poppins, a magical nanny who comes to help the troubled Banks family. - PHOTOS COURTESY OF WALT DISNEY PICTURES
Introductions are easier now when I describe myself as the Mary Poppins of branding.

I pull out my bag of tricks to help companies set the right expectations, trigger the complementary memories, and account for the stories and relationships that help consumers make a decision about your company's brand. From messaging, logo design, supporting communications content and visuals, I guide founders through the process to increase their chances of success to reach that round of funding, acquire their first user base, and bring awareness to their brand to build brand equity.

If you're a startup founder who's looking for more than design, get in touch!

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