How to Become an Industry Expert as an Attorney

April 2021

Attorneys are expected to be on top of their game by knowing the law inside and out. From precedent cases and industry standards to temperaments of judges and variations in jurisdictions, the practice of law indeed has its intricacies. For marketing and business development, attorneys are tasked with developing a personal brand that differentiates them from the saturated market. This is the rationale why, in the legal sector, an elevated approach is required when developing and owning your personal brand. The conscious and intentional effort of becoming an expert in your field of law requires a tactical mind-set and strategic lens.

In my latest article in GPSolo Magazine, published by the American Bar Association, I share insights on how to:

Start your new practice as an expert, not a generalist: Embrace a new approach by applying the startup methodology to your personal brand.

Bring purpose to your practice: Use design thinking's ideation, inspiration and implementation framework to elevate your digital presence.

Become the trusted source: Develop substantive expertise as the trusted industry source to spark conversation.

Access the full PDF here.

The conscious and intentional effort of becoming an expert in your field requires a tactical mind-set and strategic lens. If you're an attorney looking to differentiate your personal brand in a saturated market, get in touch!

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