#National Compliment Day

April 2020

When was the last time you told someone "Way to go!" or "Nice job"? We're all at fault for drowning ourselves in work and perhaps gluing our eyes to a computer monitor for hours. Whether you're running your business as a founder or a manager who is working with a team, it's difficult sometimes to get out of the monotonous funk and give a compliment to a colleague or an employee. But have you considered giving yourself a compliment? No, we're not talking about your self-ego here but the power of complimenting yourself to boost your brand. Not sure how to do it without being too self-infatuated or egotistical? Here's the right way to use compliments to elevate your brand.

Sprinkle compliments.

There first compliment you give someone will usually come off as genuine and authentic. But if you start doing it all the time, the receiver will start to question how authentic you're being. The same applies when boasted your brand. Share the news when you've reached a milestone - whether it's winning that landmark case, releasing the first version of your product, or recent receipt of Series A funding, make sure you tout that success only when it's needed. If you're lucky enough to have wins everyday, your LinkedIn network will begin to role their eyes when receiving daily success updates from you. Instead, share the great news only when it's worthy!

Sit down, and be humble.

Oh Kendrick Lamar, couldn't have said it better. When establishing your brand, you become your biggest cheerleader. With self affirmations, inspirational quotes, and motivational reads, we all get hyped and want to share our accomplishments and accolades with our network. Although they work in our advantage, especially during sales pitches and project proposals, remember to stay humble. Establish yourself as an expert in a niche. You can't be great at everything. Know what you're good at (and know what's not your forte).

We're all human, make it personable.

Compliments do not always have to accentuate your professional skillsets. Is it helpful to know that you've won the National Award in Finance Management? Of course, especially if that's what I'm looking to hire you for. But what about elevating your personal brand but showing off a personal trait? Injecting your brand with humanistic qualities may in fact differentiate you in other fields. For example, a potential client is an avid hiker and learns of your recent trip to Japan and hike on Mt. Fuji. Is this the primary reason they'll hire you? Highly unlikely, but establishing a well-rounded persona may be the cutting edge that you need to define your personal brand.

Give and you shall receive.

Compliments are a two-way streak. Your personal brand is only as good as the public perception around you. How active are you on social media? Do you have notifications set when someone in your network posts a new blog article or celebrates a work anniversary. Yes, we all need to have a level of pride in who we are and how we perceive ourselves to be. At the end of the day, it's all about molding that perception on how people value your expertise, how trusted you are in a relationship, and how likely they'll want to reconnect with you.

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