Finding Solace in Your Home Sanctuary

April 2020

During this period of uncertainty and anxiety, we're all experiencing similar feelings of uneasiness as we're taken out of our comfort zones. With varying schedules, at-home work setups, and career uncertainty for many, this period of time can be unsettling as we try to find a new normal within the everyday.

Working from home isn't so "new" for me. I've had my home office set up for years. My chat messengers are all synced to my phone. My work and personal files are all organized on my laptop. But this new normal that we're starting to define for ourselves is something that I'm still trying to figure out myself.

As a female who has been living with Endometriosis and Celiac disease, I have a deep appreciation for prioritizing health - both physical and mental - during times of elevated stress. Both conditions bring their share of symptoms, some that have become more manageable than others. As we're now facing a new period of adaptation and change, I'm sharing my top tips on how to bring a healthy mindset and approach to a daily routine.


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"Wait a minute... you're not supposed to be home right now."

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These are vegan and gluten free!

As we navigate new waters, I'm challenging everyone to shift their mindset. Instead of dreading your days at home, get a jump start on your spring cleaning. Put your work clothes aside and find comfort in your favorite pair of sweatpants. And if you're longing to chat, just send me a message!

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