COVID-19 Effects on Digital Technology & Company Culture

March 2020

Christa Rose Avampato tweeted this morning,

1 silver lining of the #coronavirus issue is it’s causing people to take care of their health. For freelancers & solopreneurs like me this is esp important because we don’t have sick days & often overwork ourselves. My game plan: Eat well, sleep well, exercise, de-stress.

Christa, along with many of us, is trying to find the silver lining as the media finds every virus pun to put on their front page. I'd like to preface this piece by saying that I am by no means taking the situation lightly - nor am I here to provide recommendations in what should or should not be done. But as someone who's has worked with companies, small and large, through change management strategies, I'm finding interesting trends that should be focused on in the days and months to come.

Highlighted by my colleague and Dot Connector, Steve Vilkas,

With change comes fear, with change comes a landscape which appears unclear, and with slow change is that lingering element of the unfair. With a clear understanding of the situation - a situation which affects us all, real change and progress IS possible.

As a change-mindset advocate, there are insights that we need to be considering today in light of the changes that have already taken underway. I'm sharing my notes on what I'm predicting will be the next wave in digital transformation and company culture.

Digital Technology

  1. How will organizations increase their digital marketing efforts to broaden their brand reach? 
  2. How will experts and public figures maximize their public speaking abilities online in lieu of presenting at TED-style engagements?
  3. How will charities and non-profits raise awareness and funding in lieu of their “traditional” manner during in-person events? Platforms that have already been on top of the curve like hollarhype will likely become their primary platform to help convert and continue to accelerate their cause.

Company Culture

We're all staying tuned to what's to come and adjusting as best we can technologically and culturally all the while maintaining a sense of humanism and strength. If you need help tackling a company transition in technology, communications, and culture, get in touch. Reminder to all to take care of yourself, each other, and to check-in (digitally) within our online community.

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