Case Study: East Boston Local Roots

March 2021

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Develop a brand for East Boston Local Roots to launch a zoning permitting campaign for the first cannabis entity in East Boston.


After getting an understanding of the goals and target audience, I dove into industry research to determine the current brand landscape for the cannabis sector. I came to realize the significance of community engagement and outreach which directed my design choices in the visual identity and marketing material. My objective was clear: to develop a solidified brand from the ground up that attested to the collaborative nature of the executive team and their strong mission to empower the community through economic growth.

Visual Identity

Focusing on community, transparency, and engagement, the color palette highlighted complimentary blues and greens. With a mixed target audience in the community, the logo needed to include vibrancy, strength, and balance to extend to a broad demographic. I was provided with valuable feedback on the direction of the logo typeface - for it to be clean, cool and impressive, similar to the type used on the Glossier website. Navy was used in the logo to present a cohesive and legible core, while keeping in mind that the logo needed to work well for both corporate presentations and to stand on its own in marketing collateral.

Color Palette with Primary and Body Content Display
Primary and Secondary Typography
Merchandise Mock Up


Designed and built in Wordpress, the website's goal was to provide an informational platform for those interested in the permitting project. With a wealth of information to be included on the site, a grid layout, bulleted lists, interactive hovering components, and clear icons were used to convey each element. The information architecture was set-up to highlight the most prominent information with supporting graphics on the top of the site. A drop-down FAQ section was included in the latter part to display verbiage that was related to the technicality of the project. The website included consistent branding standards that were initially developed and presented to the East Boston Local Roots team in a brand style guide.

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Client Testimonial

"Partnering with Olivia on a short timeline, she brought our brand to life through brand strategy, visual design and a website launch. We appreciate her continuous communication with our team and collaborative approach in finalizing the brand direction. We are delighted with the end result and have already referred her to our network for future projects."

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