Case Study: Dyad Medical

May 2020

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Refreshing the Dyad Medical brand as the most comprehensive and AI-driven innovator in medical image analysis and interpretation industry to gain early user adoption and reach their next round funding.


When there's a brand that's truly changing the game in their industry, the branding needs to reflect the level of innovation they're bringing to the table. Meet Dyad Medical. When I was initially approached by Dyad Medical's co-founder, his expectations where on point. His company needed a brand refresh to strategically position themselves in their market. Digital innovation meets AI meets cardiology.

With a website, investor deck, and marketing material already in place, I embraced this refresh with open arms. The comprehensiveness of their platform combined with the impact that they're bringing to the image analysis needed to surpass those in its industry. The brand needed to modern, tech-forward, clear and cohesive, and most importantly, compelling as a driving force in the cardiology market.

Visual Identity

Dyad Medical had a broad idea of how they wanted their brand to be positioned. With the exception of the icon in their logo that they requested to remain the same, I recommended to updated the logo's typography and formatting. With a cleaner font and modern gradient that honed in on their technology, I wanted to emphasize a broader appeal to the med + tech field.

In lieu of the muted blues in the original color palette, I included a spectrum of saturated blues that would be complimentary across typography, photography with overlays, and their investor deck. Keeping the end user persona in mind, the darkest color on the palette needed to be on the corporate + professional tone to tie in the brightest of tones in the palette.

The right typography became essential in modernizing the brand. Gibson, a humanist sans serif typeface, is considered by many as "hitting the right spot for many people and on many levels." It's legibility and clean aesthetic paired well with the goal of introducing a brand that translated and interpreted data through AI in medical imaging.

Typography Updates


After: Website launch coming soon!

Photography and Icons

Client Testimonial

"We partnered with Olivia where she was able to bring an engaging approach to our brand refresh. She presented us with creative options and worked collaboratively to modernize the brand's design to where we needed to be today. Her process is comprehensive and the end design is cohesive throughout all marketing material. We would highly recommend her work to founders and investors." 

If you're looking for a refresh to raise your next round of funding, get in touch!

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