Case Study: Compt

April 2020

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Redesigning an investor deck to showcase Compt's brand positioning, goals, testimonials and traction to reach their next round of seed funding in 2020.


There are some brands that are already knocking it out of the ballpark - and Compt is one of them. Compt's co-founder approached us at the end of 2019 knowing exactly what material she needed to help raise her next round of funding.

With an investor deck and supporting marketing material drafted, I reviewed their material and saw the potential. With their clear vision to enhance and streamline lifestyle benefit programs, we proposed a game plan to reorganize, structure, and cohesively design a new investor deck while remaining true to the foundation of the brand's value proposition and character.

I also saw the opportunity to create a compelling story through the use of updated typography, graphics, photography, and presentation interactions. With abundant traction and data representing growth, I partnered with Compt to showcase their material in a digestible format that was defined through the human connections and emotion.

Visual Identity

Compt came to us with a clearly defined brand. Through their website, social media, investor deck, and marketing material, I wanted to embrace and enhance the story and refresh the brand based on their existing brand standards.

I narrowed down the color palette to highlight a contrast behind their signature light blue and their most saturated colors found in their style guide. With their feedback, I moved away from the blue/green combo and introduced a greater emphasis of blue/green/yellow/pink.

Updated Color Palette

I'm a firm believer that typography can truly highlight your brand's persona. Whether you want to be perceived as fun and outgoing or reserved and corporate, typography doesn't have to be reserved to what you have as a default in your presentation program. I updated the typography to include a fun header font combined with a more structured body. This combination was used to represent the balance between the fun lifestyle benefits and administrative nature to Compt's platform.

Typography Updates

The HR industry that Compt is an integral member of focuses on storytelling, human interactions, and emotional connections. With this in mind, I brought together an aesthetic that spoke to these pillars to unify a tone within their visual identity that was accented by bold colors and angled lines.

Image Refresh

Client Testimonial

"Olivia totally got our vibe and built a deck that had an incredible personality that aligned with us - and she did it SO fast! I've worked with other designers on decks before - and this is honestly the fastest and most seamless process I've ever had. My co-founder looked at the deck and her response was, "She really gets your personality!" Pretty amazing since we've never met."

If you're looking to raise your next series of funds and need help refreshing your deck, get in touch!

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