Case Study: Chai Angels

May 2020

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Building a cohesive brand that seeks to invest in businesses with at least one female founder.


With an unforgettable name and catchy tagline, I worked with Chai Angel's founder to refine, polish, and accelerate their brand growth as a defined leader in the startup community. By seeing the potential in their old branding, I optimized their material to reach their target audiences of female founders, CEO's, and industry experts.

My building-block approach allowed for the flexibility needed to provide assistance for marketing collateral for upcoming introductions, meetings, and networking events. The brand needed to hone in on the key fundamentals and distinguishing factors within a heavily concentrated investor market.

Visual Identity

After previewing Chai Angel's logo, business card, and marketing material, I saw the opportunity to refresh the brand. In lieu of a complete overhaul, we provided creative direction and design to increase the color saturation and update the logo's typography to develop a visual hierarchy that was more pronounced and polished than its predecessor.

I knew that Chai Angel's visual identity would be mostly concentrated in the marketing collateral space with decks and brochures. The consideration of digital design was a close second in prominence with the addition of photography that was framed to match the curvatures of Chai Angel's signature leaf icon. Following my brand guidelines, all versions of the logo and complimentary photography would need to be scalable across web, mobile, social and print. The typography used within their logo and marketing material pairs together well and allows for digital use across multiple mediums.

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Marketing Collateral

With a north-star indicator of adaptability combined with a clean aesthetic, I continue to work with Chai Angels for the design, maintenance and growth of the company's mission through various pieces of collateral that unify consistent messaging, tone, and visual identity. I have plans on the horizon for the growth of a marketing collateral library including a "Message from our Founder" End of Year Letter and updated deck tailored to each target audience.

Stay Tuned

There's exciting new initiatives on the horizon for Chai Angels including the launch of their website and social media channels. The website will be the focal point for all marketing initiatives with additional info on their company, portfolio female founders, CEO's, and industry experts. Social media channels will be focused around thought leadership content in the female funding space in addition to updates and news items featuring their founders. If you'd like to stay in the know, follow Chai Angels on LinkedIn as the brand evolves in 2020!

Client Testimonial

"Olivia did a fantastic job right from the start. Everything she created is beautiful, creative and does what it is meant to do in a simple way. We look forward to continuing our work with Olivia and have been recommending her to others."

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