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April 2020

Some say that life likes to throw us curveballs to make sure we're still awake. It tests our emotional stability, physical health, and when looked at in a positive light, sometimes gives us the opportunity to press the reset button.

My father-in-law suffered a heart attack three weeks ago. Unbeknownst to us (and to him), this was his third - the first two we will likely never know when they happened or the severity of each. We are all likely connected to someone who has experienced a heart attack or suffers from heart disease. The early signs sometimes go unnoticed or without proper treatment and include chest discomfort, dizziness, nausea, and snoring. For those that already are coping through other illnesses including diabetes, the risk factors  increase the likelihood in heart complications.

With trips back and forth from Boston to New York to visit him in the ICU, we've been put on a rinse-and-repeat cycle waiting for updates and hoping that there will be signs of progress with a potential LVAD surgery or new heart on the way. In the interim, these visits are filled with kind words, making sure he is comfortable, and cheering him on to take baby steps to work on his muscle memory or to eat a handful more calories.

During our last trip, we asked if there was anything that he needed that we could get for him from the store. With a pen and paper in hand, he scribbled a note asking for POM juice. The significance may not be noticed automatically but important to observe. POM Wonderful® has branded its product to indicate the positive associations with heart healthy benefits. Wellness and health branding are the true generators in building "brand love and loyalty" when those, in time of need, ask for a product to start moving toward a heart healthy diet.

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POM Wonderful Logo

With a partnership with TLC Marketing, POM Wonderful®'s marketing was incredibly successful in its "The Super Juice Super You" campaign that rewarded its customers with a free 14-day trial at any GoodLife Fitness area in Canada. This campaign amplified the company's already well-defined messaging and tagline: 

Drink to your heart's content.

TLC Marketing Campaign

According to The Wonderful Co.s' VP of Marketing & Insights, Adam Cooper, 50% of consumers buy a Wonderful® product including Halos, pistachios, almonds or POM. From these statistics, only 20% buy multiple Wonderful® products which is one of the reasons the company rebranded in 2015. Their line of heart healthy products include POM Wonderful®, Fiji Water, Wonderful® Pistachios, and Wonderful® Halos. As the company expands their product offerings, the uniformity in branding and focus on heart healthy benefits is maintained at its core.

POM Wonderful® Varieties

The future of his health is still unclear although we all have high hopes for a successful and speedy recovery. In light of American Heart Month, I wanted to bring awareness to the cause and the power of branding. A company's ethos and mission to promote heart healthy behaviors begins with its branding. Although small, POM Wonderful®'s impact was felt by us through this true story. For those interested in learning more or to donate, please visit the American Heart Association.

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