Auditing Your Brand's Health

April 2020

We're not big fans of developing New Year's resolutions but we are huge proponents of starting the new year right by doing a brand audit to determine the state of your brand. Brand audits are similar to chiropractors. They help determine whether your positioning and messaging - through digital, social, print, and web - all are in sync. We've got our checklist of the top things you need to review when conducting your brand audit in the New Year.


Review your 2019 material in addition to your brand material when you first launched your company. Ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Are we clearly expressing our vision and mission?
  2. Are we consistent with the content and visuals that we're using?
  3. Are we effectively communicating with our target audience?
  4. Are we meeting our goals by tapping into traction?
  5. Are we being effective in our branding processes by having our brand assets and marketing material ready-to-go?
  6. Are we using the tools that we're spending money on?
  7. Are we analyzing these tools on a consistent basis to make sure they're working for us?
  8. Are we overspending on these tools and knick-knacks?
  9. Have we developed a credible and recognizable brand in 2019? 
  10. If we're not meeting any of the above, WHY aren't we?
  11. If our brand isn't working for us, should we consider a rebrand?


Based on your above answers, identify what you need to do to help advance (and potentially pivot) your brand. Take into consideration things that may have changed in 2019 including your:


Develop your game plan moving forward in 2020. Be practical when making this list. Whether you're a solopreneur or have a full team helping you along the way, make sure you can follow through with your plan for the upcoming year.


Go, go, go! Embrace your creative side in 2020. Strategically map out your campaigns. We're predicting for this upcoming year to be filled with campaigns galore! Remember to review each campaign to determine what went right, and what could've been done better. Get outside of your comfort zone and explore ways to creatively brand and market your company in 2020.

If you need help auditing your brand, I'd love to dive right in! Get in touch and start the year off right so that you can maximize your time, budget, and potential for growth in the New Year.

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