An Entrepreneur's Why

November 2019

Today, as we celebrate all you fellow entrepreneurs out there, we wanted to share our founder's reflection on her path as an entrepreneur.

Holidays and annual milestones mark a time to give thoughtful reflection for on what's been and what's to come. There are varying degrees of founders out there - from first-time founders to the experienced, solopreneurs to full co-founder teams. For some, we've launched one and have recognized that startup life isn't for me. For others, we've tried and tried again always reemerging stronger with a sense of urgency, humility, and compassion. But we all share a similar spirit as kindling to a roaring fire to do something better, make something more efficient, solve a particular problem, or give back to an under served community. The stories of a founder's WHY vary as much as the grains of sand that you'll find in a single beach. Yet, we all emerge with a unified message in pushing each day to leave an imprint of positivity and change. Perhaps this our way of leaving our founder's footprint, a legacy to the world.

Through a less-than-cookie cutter path, I became fully immersed in the startup space. First, within an accelerator helping founders take their ideas from cocktail napkins to potential first time launches. I sensed their contagious enthusiasm as they dove in week after week tackling each obstacle. Executive Branding Solutions was launched with a similar passion and goal of helping founders, companies, and executives alike to build marketable and scalable brands. Our goal? Making you look good. We'll be cheering you on the sidelines as your biggest fan.

This contagiousness has evolved as I build and evolve my next venture, Fund Our First. Fund Our First helps travelers experience their firsts to a destination they haven’t visited before. Featuring stories of ambitious future travelers who aren’t able to fund their first trips, our platform connects individuals with well-seasoned travelers who are looking for ways to pay it forward. Through inspiring, first-hand accounts of the best off-the-beaten path hostels, unpublicized street carts, and untraveled roads, we’ll connect new travelers with the experienced– to share stories and questions about areas in the world that they share similar passions in and to help fund these experiences for those who have dreams of traveling, but are not able financially to do so.  

Today, as we celebrate National Entrepreneur's Day, I encourage all entrepreneurs to share their why. Although we often feel alone as individual founders, know that you have a collective community of founders that share similar obstacles, emotions, trials and tribulations. For all you founders out there, we celebrate your story today.

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