2022 Founder Guide: Process Playbook

January 2022

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Founders, are you...

This guide is for you.

The 2022 Process Playbook includes checklists, templates and worksheets with actionable insights to develop and effectively manage operational processes. With my process checklist and qualifiers for team appointment, this resource brings task management, prioritization, and transparent expectations to the forefront.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Process Benefits
  3. 7 Steps to Process
  4. Define the Process
  5. Appoint a Primary Person
  6. Write It Down
  7. Timing is Everything
  8. Assign a Department
  9. Driving a Process Culture
  10. The Why for Investors
  11. Contact

Use this 20+ page guide to launch your operations and process-forward culture. Learn more about the power in a systematic approach, departmental accountability, proper record keeping, and timing. Set your process in motion to streamline employee onboarding, internal and customer-facing interactions, business marketability, and revenue stream.

Find the operational alignment to establish diligent standardization and internal buy-in. As a bonus, I've included 6 values to establish a process mindset in your company from Day 1.

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